Episode 476: TTK

TTK is a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, and director based out of New York City.

Episode 472: Reggie Tidwell

Reggie Tidwell is the creative director at Curve Theory, a photographer, and the founding president of AIGA Asheville in Asheville, NC.

Episode 460: Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel

Author and design educator Dr. Lesley-Ann Noel is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Design Studies at North Carolina State University.

Episode 459: Yao Adantor

Yao Adantor is a UX researcher at Bolt, adjunct professor at MICA, and the founder of two companies – Analog Teams and Research Bookmark.

Episode 454: Raven L. Veal, PhD

Raven L. Veal, PhD is a strategic design lead at Citi Ventures and lecturer for the School of Design and Creative Technologies at the University of Texas.

Episode 450: Anthony D. Mays

Anthony D. Mays is a former Google software engineer turned tech career coach, and he is the founder of career coaching firm Morgan Latimer Consulting.

Episode 438: Reece Quiñones

Reece Quiñones is the executive VP and creative director at The Hatcher Group and an adjunct professor of design at George Mason University.

Episode 437: Omari Souza

Omari Souza is an assistant professor of design at Texas State University and the lead organizer of the State of Black Design Conference.

Episode 430: André Smith

André Smith is a West coast-based strategist, educator, art curator, and the co-founder of strategy and branding firm Appendix.

Episode 426: Terell Cobb

Terell Cobb is a design leader at Microsoft in Dallas, TX, and the co-founder of Black Designers of Microsoft and Dallas Black UX.

Episode 414: Lisa Cain

Lisa Cain is a design strategist for nonprofit organizations, and the founder of Lisa Cain Design in Chicago, IL.

Episode 403: Brandon Groce

Brandon Groce is a Maryland-based UI/UX designer, Adobe Partner, and content creator for designers, creatives, and top design brands.

Episode 400: Brent Rollins

Creative conductor Brent Rollins, co-founder of Ego Trip, is a creative director, art director, and graphic designer located in New York City.

Episode 399: Kaleena Sales

Kaleena Sales is a design educator, and is currently the interim chair of the Department of Art and Design at Tennessee State University.

Episode 383: Angela Bains

Angela Bains is the strategy director at TransformExp, as well as a design professor at both OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario and BCIT in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Episode 321: Ari Melenciano

Ari Melenciano is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, designer, creative technologist, researcher, futurist, humanist and educator.

Episode 312: Randall Wilson

Randall Wilson is a UX design lead on Capital One’s digital messaging team in Chicago, IL, and co-founder of the HUE Design Summit.

Episode 308: Jaline McPherson

Jaline McPherson is currently an MLA candidate at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and is the co-chair for the 2019 Black in Design Conference.

Episode 297: Brett Marshall

Brett Marshall is a senior UI designer at CentralSquare Technologies and has experience in creating interfaces for first responders.

Episode 284: The State of the Internet 2019

It’s our 6th anniversary! Founder and host Maurice Cherry shares a few words about the future of the podcast, and there’s a conversation about the challenges and frameworks of the modern Internet with Anil Dash and Matt Mitchell.

Episode 245: Michael Grant

Michael Grant is the creative director at the San Francisco Business Times, and a current John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Episode 214: Sibyl Edwards

Sibyl Edwards is a digital art director, president of DC Web Women, CCIO at WeTogether, and co-founder of Black Female Founders.

Episode 178: Ron Tinsley

Designer, educator, and brand consultant Ron Tinsley is the founder of Prophetik Soul Branding + Design in Philadelphia, PA.

Episode 153: Kronda Adair

WordPress developer and consultant Kronda Adair, one of Revision Path’s early featured guests, is back to talk with me this week.

Episode 100: Sarah Huny Young

For Revision Path’s 100th interview, I had the opportunity to talk with design powerhouse Sarah Huny Young. Huny’s portfolio speaks for itself, and she’s done next-level design work for big entertainment brands like VIBE Magazine…

Episode 80: Frederick Townes

This week, I spoke with Frederick Townes, co-founder and CTO of Placester, creator of W3 Edge and W3 Total Cache, and founding CTO of Mashable.

Episode 75: Octavia Gilmore

This week, I talked with the talented and driven Octavia Gilmore, owner and creative director of Creative Juice, a boutique design agency in Atlanta, GA.

Episode 72: Monet Spells

This week, I talked with Monet Spells — a UX designer and a master’s student at Georgia Tech studying human-computer interaction.

Episode 66: Xavier Ruffin

When I asked Xavier Ruffin what the best title was to describe what he does, he simply said “artist”. Whether film or digital, Xavier is the man to watch.

Episode 65: Joe Blau

Software developer Joe Blau gave some really great advice for anyone working on delivering a product to the market.

Episode 58: Leon Lawrence III

This conversation with USA Weekend magazine’s design director Leon Lawrence III is full of great tips and information for budding designers.

Episode 55: Allan Cole

Whether it’s graphic design, web development, or music, Allan Cole brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and produces mind-blowing results.

Episode 54: De Angela Duff

We’re closing out November with the multi-talented De Angela Duff: art director, designer, educator, DJ, web developer, and photographer.

Episode 51: Rashida White

We’re kicking off November with an interview with Brooklyn-based UX designer, teaching artist, DJ, and mentor Rashida White.

Episode 45: Ced Funches

This week’s interview is with Ced Funches — design strategist, global designer, and creative director. Ced is the creative director at Flippo+Interactive.

Episode 40: Husani Oakley

This week, I talked with Husani Oakley — kick-ass developer, freelance creative technical director, and all around good-guy-to-know.

Episode 39: Jacinda Walker

This week, I talked with Jacinda Walker, a design strategist in Columbus, OH who is a tireless advocate for diversity in the design community.

Episode 34: Abou Kone

Abou is a beast when it comes to coding. Front-end development with JS/jQuery is his specialty, and he’s recently gotten into developing mobile apps.

Episode 30: Jole Simmons

I had such a great time talking with Jole Simmons, a killer presentation designer who has done work for Facebook, Duarte Designs, The Creative Group, the National Association of Black Journalists, and Microsoft.

Episode 29: Tory Hargro

It’s HBCU Month, and we’re kicking things off with a great interview with USA Today’s visual design manager Tory Hargro.

Episode 27: Siedah Mitchum

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Siedah Mitchum, a WordPress web designer, entrepreneur, and the creator of Inspiring Black Designers.

Episode 25: David Yarde

This week’s interview is with David Yarde, a web designer and developer, and co-founder of the creative strategy and branding firm Sevenality.

Episode 23: Chris Barker

This week, we talked with art director and graphic designer Chris Barker. Learn more about his work in this week’s interview.

Episode 17: Alaxic Smith

Who wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg when you could be the next Alaxic Smith? This 18-year-old wunderkind started coding at the age of 12 and has already founded two social networks and is busy building his third — Communly — where he’s working with some of the biggest names in music. Alaxic is a rising star that you’ll definitely want to watch for in the future. Learn more about his tireless drive and work ethic (as well as some of my tips for SXSW!) in this week’s interview.

Episode 15: Emory Douglas

For the month of January, we have a 3-part “Design Journeys” series — podcast interviews with designers that have been featured on AIGA.org. Rounding out our series here on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an interview with Emory Douglas, the former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1960-1981. I think you’ll really enjoy this talk with an American design legend.

Episode 14: Maurice Woods

For the month of January, we have a 3-part “Design Journeys” series — podcast interviews with designers that have been featured on AIGA.org. This week, we talked with Maurice Woods, former professional basketball player, graphic designer, and executive director of the Inneract Project. His advice for what Black designers can do to help give back to the community rings through very clearly.

Episode 13: Steve Jones

If you enjoyed last week’s interview with Andrew Bass, then you’re in luck! This month kicks off our 3-part “Design Journeys” series — podcast interviews with designers that have been featured on AIGA.org. First up is Steve Jones, graphic designer and design professor at San Francisco State University. We touched on diversity in the design field, education, typography, and the notion of a Black design aesthetic.

Episode 12: Michael Roach

Michael Roach is very future-forward when it comes to his work. As we talked, I kept thinking “hey, so-and-so is doing that now…except Michael was doing it years ago”! Aside from being a graphic designer and web designer, Michael is also a jazz pianist, and we talked a bit on how music influences his design work and on the vibrant design scene in upstate New York.

Episode 11: Stephen Topsy

I first ran across Stephen Topsy online years ago when he was doing iOS design work. Now he’s a programmer, but still dabbles in design as well. We spoke about how Aaliyah helped him get his spark for design, how motivation came from one of his high school teachers, and touched on LA’s diverse tech and design scene.

Episode 10: Khalil Bey

This week, I had the opportunity to talk with Khalil Bey, a software engineer at Google. We chatted about his work, how he started in programming, and more.

Episode 9: BUCK!

This week I talked with BUCK! — one of Washington D.C.’s most talented graphic artists. We talked about staying passionate with your craft and how an elementary school kid got him back on track.

Episode 8: Crystal Flemister

Crystal Flemister, graphic designer, web designer, and owner of Pistol Whipped Cream, talks about her major design influences: fashion, art, and music.

Episode 7: Brandon Butler

Brandon Butler talks with Revision Path about how he got started in the field, what we can do to increase diversity in the tech industry, and…radio!

Episode 6: Mokokoma Mokhonoana

This week’s interview with South African author, creative, and artist Mokokoma Mokhonoana is truly one-of-a-kind. We talk about design, philosophy, and a whole lot more.

Episode 5: Daphne Larose

In this week’s interview, I talked to Daphne Larose about her website Black Female Coders, her local tech community, and on diversity in our field. Enjoy!

Episode 4: Maurice Wingfield

This interview with designer and illustrator Maurice Wingfield is chock full of gems. From design conferences to technology in Africa, it’s worth a listen.

Episode 3: Irv Briscoe

Irv Briscoe is a web developer out of Minneapolis. Our podcast interview talks about his business von91, web education and his motivations.

Episode 2: Nathaniel Deal

This week, I talked with Atlanta front-end engineer Nathaniel Deal! It’s the 2nd podcast, and we talked about design conferences, web education, and more.

Episode 1: Raquel Rodriguez

Revision Path’s first podcast interview is with Pittsburgh letterer and designer Raquel Rodriguez. We talk about typography, freelancing, design and more!