January continues with an interview with Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator Brittany Holloway-Brown.

Brittany’s vibrant watercolor works have been seen across the web on sites like StyleBlazer, BuzzFeed, and many more. We talked about how the Internet has helped her gain a larger platform, the motivations behind her pieces, and her “Dark Girls” series that explores the representation of dark-skinned women in the beauty industry.

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We’re kicking off this month with an interview with Reggie Weaver, a young Ohio-based graphic designer and illustrator. Reggie and I talked about how he got his spark for design and illustration, not to mention what he learned from his first design gig.

We also spoke about his work with the Diversity Task Force at the Columbus College of Art and Design and how he helps promote creativity, inclusion and diversity within the LGBTQIA community.

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Catt SmallCatt Small is her name and there’s no shame in her game. I talked with the Bronx-born UX designer/developer about how she got started, the need for greater representation in the tech field, her work with Brooklyn Gamery and The Code Liberation Foundation, and even geeked out over gaming for a bit and talked about fighters and racial and gender representation in gaming.

NOTE: The audio quality is a bit rough.

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Alrick Collins, Jr.

While doing research on designers and developers in the Big Apple, Alrick Collins, Jr. (or Ricky, as he prefers to be called) was one of the first I ran across who was happy to talk to us. There’s usually an ongoing debate in the design community about whether designers should or shouldn’t learn to code, and Alrick…well, you’ll need to read the interview to see where he falls on that spectrum.

Whether you agree with his position or not, his design journey to starting his own design business is very admirable. Learn more about Alrick in this week’s interview!