Andrew Bass

The last interview of 2013 is a really great one.

When you think of someone who has been out there fighting in the trenches for diversity in this industry, think of Andrew Bass. His work with AIGA was a huge inspiration behind showcasing designers here with Revision Path, and I’m honored to have had the chance to speak at length with him about his work and experiences in the design industry. I won’t spoil anything for you because there’s a lot of great information here from the perspective of a design veteran.

How fitting that today’s interview is on the fifth day of Kwanzaa, which represents purpose (nia). Without further ado, here’s Andrew!

Kendell Burton

There’s a lot of hot design talent in NYC, and Kendell Burton is a name you’ll definitely see in the future. Aside from his work with social media superstar Gary Vaynerchuk, Kendell is also busy with his own projects, not to mention his previous magazine work. Find out more about Kendell and his work in this week’s interview!

Michael RoachMichael Roach is very future-forward when it comes to his work. As we talked, I kept thinking “hey, so-and-so is doing that now…except Michael was doing it years ago”! Aside from being a graphic designer and web designer, Michael is also a jazz pianist, and we talked a bit on how music influences his design work and on the vibrant design scene in upstate New York.

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Show Notes

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Anthony Simpson

Random Objects is one of my favorite independent small businesses. Over the years, I’ve bought products from there, turned other people on to them…I’m even drinking from their Midnight Oil mug right now while I put this interview together. So imagine my surprise when I find out Random Objects is a one-man show, ran by design dynamo Anthony Simpson. I had to talk to him!

We talked about how he started Random Objects and where his inspiration comes from for new products and designs. This is a shorter interview than usual, but Anthony threw in a little surprise. Read on through to the end to find out what.