Finding the right balance in the midst of chaos is often tough. Truth is, we all have similar fears. Often we hide ourselves in working more or sulking further into a hermit mindset.

Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Making the choice to be happy isn’t something you do once. With a little consistency and lots of determination the journey becomes easier. Explore, a new book by designer David Yarde, is about mastering fear and using it to live life fully while also developing our skills to help others.


This week’s interview is with David Yarde, a web designer and developer, and co-founder of the creative strategy and branding firm Sevenality.

We talked a little bit about branding, discussed which brands are getting it right (and which aren’t!) and talked about how to succeed being an introverted person of color, and how that can be misconstrued.

David is a prime example of someone who has used design to change his life, and I think you’ll really be inspired by his story and his advice for young designers.

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