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Illustrator, author, and graphic designer Andrea Pippins, has just launched a new online course on Skillshare titled Illustration in Action: Creating Stylized Portraits. The course features 15 videos to guide students through creating a portrait of someone they would like to celebrate.

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Behold! The official portraits for President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama were unveiled this morning at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The portraits were commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, paid for through private donations, and the artists were selected by the Obamas, according to Artnet.

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Once again it’s on!

Revision Path is featured on iTunes with a host of other great Black podcasts for Black History Month!

In the Podcasts app, scroll down to Editors’ Picks and you’ll see a title for Black History Month. We are included in the the “Perspectives & Interviews” section along with Tea with Queen and J, Friends Like Us, MMHMM, Girl, and many other fantastic shows.

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We’re discovering all kinds of great new content from Black artists, designers, and creative professionals this month, including this great podcast called In Studio with Sharon Obuobi.

From their website:

“In Studio with Sharon Obuobi is a series of conversations with artists, curators and influencers particularly in but not limited to the African arts.

The studio is a broad term referring to the artist working space, and the mental space for making and creating. Each episode is designed to stimulate open-minded conversation, and challenge listeners to see the world in new ways.”

Obuobi launched the podcast at the beginning of 2018, and guests on the first 10-episode season of In Studio include Ibrahim Mahama, Elisabeth Sutherland, and Lina Iris Viktor. New episodes air every Monday!

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Infographic designer Jessica Bellamy just recently released a great new video series called Designing From The Margins.

Jessica describes the series as “a fast paced motion infographic web series about the intersections between men and women of color and design.” She started the series in January 2018, and plans to release episodes every Monday. Follow Jessica on Instagram or search the hashtag #DFTMMonday and get the latest updates!

The first three episodes are also available on YouTube — check them out!

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