I’m Maurice Cherry: web designer, sometime-y web developer, and founder of Revision Path.

In 2007, I wrote an article for Black Web 2.0 called “Where Are The Black Web Professionals?” It’s a little over five years later, and I’m not sure the mainstream tech and design community is any closer to answering that question.

The discussions about increasing diversity in the tech and design fields always start out well-meaning and then quickly devolve into baseless accusations, empty statements, and broken promises. It’s even gotten to the point where efforts to add diversity to the tech and design communities are being mocked and ridiculed by their peers with accusations of “tokenism” or “affirmative action”.

So where are the black web professionals? Revision Path is the answer to that question.

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The interview will help inspire and empower other designers who are looking to make this their career. Lanae was more than willing to do the interview, in her own words she said, “Sounds great! I love the idea — we definitely need more positive reinforcements!” She is truly a sweetheart filled with ambition and strength.

In this interview you will read about Lanae’s fears, her history, her inspirations, her struggles, and her future plans.

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