Alrick Collins, Jr.

While doing research on designers and developers in the Big Apple, Alrick Collins, Jr. (or Ricky, as he prefers to be called) was one of the first I ran across who was happy to talk to us. There’s usually an ongoing debate in the design community about whether designers should or shouldn’t learn to code, and Alrick…well, you’ll need to read the interview to see where he falls on that spectrum.

Whether you agree with his position or not, his design journey to starting his own design business is very admirable. Learn more about Alrick in this week’s interview!

Maurice WingfieldAside from being a graphic and web designer, Maurice Wingfield is also a talented illustrator! He contacted me through Facebook and we had a really great conversation on design, diversity in the tech and design fields and conferences, technology in Africa…it really runs the gamut of topics from A to Z. I also get a bit long winded in parts, which is why this interview is pretty lengthy. But it’s really good. Very dense. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and soak it all in!

Show Notes

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Dee Speed

Just calling Dee Speed a “designer” is a gross understatement. With a background in science along with a penchant for the arts, Dee masterfully blends both disciplines to create more than just websites, but also art! She talks about her influences and motivations and drops some pearls of wisdom on design and creativity. I think you’ll really like this interview!