Marsha Mothersill wears a lot of hats — web developer, business owner, project manager — and she loves it! Marsha comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and she has a real knack for web development and solving big problems.

We talked about the design work she’s done around London, how and why she took the leap into starting her own business, her love for automobiles, and the advocacy work she does for sickle cell anemia awareness. It’s a really great interview, and Marsha is a true inspiration. Next week — episode 100!


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Anselmo Pelembe’s design style is from a myriad of influences — his colorful seaside hometown of Maputo in Mozambique, the tropical isle of Saint Helena, and a dash of jolly old England in Stamford.

We talked about his creative journey, the challenges of running his business, and his exhibit of pottery during London Design Festival in 2014. Who says design has limitations? Not Anselmo!

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I’m ending out July with a truly great interview with Jon Daniel, an independent creative director in London.

Jon is a classically trained designer who has over 25 years of design experience with big brands like IBM, NHS Careers, Philips, and Virgin Direct. He’s also a regular columnist for Design Week, a leading UK publication for designers.

Jon and I talked about how his African-Caribbean heritage influences his work, how design culture in the UK differs from here in the US, and his exhibit Afro Supa Hero.

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