Sudan, the third largest country in Africa, has an estimated 9.3 million Internet users as of 2016 — about 25% of its entire population. Needless to say, it’s quite clear that Sudan is not an African nation struggling to stay connected, which is why the startup community here has a different focus – health.

In recent years the ability to capture and control our own image has been increasingly acknowledged as an important form of personal empowerment, enabling us to control and curate our public image and perception. It’s no question selfies can empower, but what if the technology used to take them isn’t designed with your image in mind?


As the founder and CEO of Model View Culture, techie, author and entrepreneur Shanley Kane is one of the most outspoken advocates on the need for diversity in the field of technology. Model View Culture publishes the work of a myriad of activists and authors who provide commentary on the pressing social issues that permeate the tech community, ranging from women’s rights, race, LGBTQ, and many other important topics.

Since its creation, Model View Culture has made a lasting impression in the tech community by giving voice to members of the tech community who might otherwise be ignored. I had the honor of talking to Shanley about Model View Culture and its impact in the world of technology.