We have a big announcement!

Inspiring Black Designers is joining the Revision Path family, and IBD creator Siedah Mitchum is joining Revision Path as a regular contributor!

From Siedah: “I am extremely excited to join forces with Maurice [and Revision Path], and I will continue to put out consistent articles that educate, empower, and inspire designers in the community.”


This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Siedah Mitchum, a WordPress web designer, entrepreneur, and the creator of Inspiring Black Designers.

We chatted about some of her mentors, talked about what inspires her work, how Marie Forleo’s B-School helped transform her business, and a lot more. Her mission to inspire other designers to have a bigger voice is something we both share, and Siedah makes a big announcement, so you’ll definitely have to listen and find out what it is!

Show Notes

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