“I am a firm believer in doing what you love no matter what it takes.” Vaughn Dabney’s philosophy of happiness has led him to personal and professional success, and I couldn’t think of a better person to have on the show during a time of the year when we’re all making goals and resolutions to improve.

We talked about what drew him to mobile development, his dev platform of choice, his company Empty Box Media, and where he sees his company going in the future. For Vaughn, being happy is his #1 concern, and it’s clear that his work gives him the freedom to do pursue his dreams. Enjoy the interview!


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Joe Blau and his dedication to learning and staying at the top of his game is both inspiring and infectious. His work ranges from mobile apps to front end development to backend systems and security work. Oh, and there’s more!

We talked about the hot topic issue of diversity in Silicon Valley, why Silicon Valley is such an interesting place right now, and he gave some really awesome advice for software developers. Grab a pen and pad, because you’ll definitely want to take notes for this episode! Enjoy!

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