Mokokoma MokhonoanaI came across Mokokoma Mokhonoana on Behance while looking up African graphic designers. I really liked his logos — simple, yet bold and uncompromising. But when I visited his website and saw his aphorisms, writings, and cartoons? I knew I had to talk to him. Our interview wasn’t just about design – in fact, we didn’t talk much about design at all! I think you’ll like this departure from the regular shop talk on design and development. I hope you enjoy it!

Show Notes

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I first heard about Chanelle Henry three years ago via Kickstarter. Her successful campaign allowed her to attend SXSW for the first time, and she’s been blowing up ever since. Aside from being a user experience designer, Chanelle teaches courses through Skillshare, lends her graphic design expertise in videos with Howcast, and owns a boutique collaborative multimedia agency called CHD Collective. Find out more about Chanelle’s work and her thoughts on design in this week’s interview!

Dewon Hall

I found out about Dewon through one of my Facebook groups, Black Designers United. Dewon is a very talented designer and art director, but he also has a unique perspective on the industry since he lives in a small Southern town. Who knew this kind of talent was coming out of Mississippi? Learn more about Dewon’s approach to projects and his thoughts on diversity in the design industry in this week’s interview. Enjoy!


Can you give the readers a little background about yourself?

Well, my name is Jacques and I’m 23 years old. I graduated from college last May and I’ve been designing for about 5 years.

What is Boogie Graphics and how did the name come about?

Boogie Graphics or BG is a digital marketing agency. The name…well, I lived in Brooklyn, NY before I moved to Albany for school and when I was in high school, my peers used to call me Boogie because I was always dancing. I also used to produce music on a small scale. That name just transcended when I decided to name my business. I used to focus on ,solely design and graphics but now that BG has branched out into marketing and other digital avenues, Boogie Graphics means something completely different. We represent young and fresh ideas, fun in the workplace, innovation, and overall positivity.

Carrie Hawks

With past stints at Cartoon Network, Wired Magazine, and other big brands, multimedia designer Carrie Hawks brings a wealth of experience to the design industry. I talked with Carrie about how she got into design, what she’s learned along the way, and one of her current projects — a documentary! Check it out!