Designers Unite! The Power of Support

June 2, 2014

quote_seen_heard copyWhen I created Inspiring Black Designers a year ago, I did so because I felt the voices and amazing work of black designers and developers weren’t being recognized nor seen among the design community.

For the past year, I’ve interviewed and highlighted some talented design professionals and received only a handful of support.

Yet there is still this undeniable and unable to ignore fact that there are some people put off by bloggers like myself who choose to specifically highlight and inspire black designers and developers only.

My question is, why?

Some people have expressed that it is racist or that there are other industries I can mention instead of only designers and developers.

I am passionate and interested in only writing about a specific group of people in a specific industry.

I think they call that a niche.

Racists? Never.

It is even more disappointing to me that black organizations and bloggers like myself don’t receive support from other black designers or organizations.

We’re denied a chance to interview talent.

We’re told that our mission and what we do aren’t good enough.

Shocking, right? To me it is.

Since when does doing something that inspires and empowers a specific culture not good enough?

I must admit one thing; the backlash and disappointment took over for a period of time.

After speaking to a wonderful designer who has a similar mission as I do — Maurice Cherry – I started to remember why we do what we do.

That is exactly why I chose to unite with Revision Path because we will support one another and carry out the mission together.

We are brave enough to see where there is a lack in the design community and we aren’t afraid to empower, to inspire, and to highlight black talent in a positive light while still growing and maintaining our own businesses.

Now let me be very clear — there are designers and organizations out there that are supporting one another.

Ultimately, we do this because we care and we will continue to do interviews, highlights, and continue to improve as the years go by.


Because we believe that everyone deserves to be recognized in the design community and in the world more often than they do.

Thank you for the designers and developers we’ve interviewed and highlighted, and for organizations like Inneract Project, MailChimp, Tugboat Yards, Go Media, 900dpi, Blacks in Technology, and Digital Undivided.

Because of organizations like these we are able to…

  1. Educate design professionals.
  2. Increase the visibility of design professionals.
  3. Showcase designers’ and developers’ work.
  4. Acknowledge the historical accomplishments and pioneers.
  5. Unite and empower one another.


Now is a chance for you to make a difference. Submit yourself or friend who is a talented designer or developer to be interviewed by us. Or even better, you can support the work that we do by making a donation.

So tell me, what do you think about the lack of support & awareness in the design community? How can we build and make more of an effort together? I can’t wait to hear from you. I will be awaiting your reply.

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