Tony Samuels is a visual designer, brand designer, and works with website design and development. With nine years experience as a designer and a big promoter of visual marketing for businesses, Tony has worked with companies like Andis Clippers, Wilbur Smith Associates, SC Dept. of Agriculture FCC, Profile Barber Institute, Whirlwind Technologies and varies celebrity marketing coaches and mentors plus start-up companies. His personalized website shows the one man show is running his business and producing quality. 


The interview will help inspire and empower other designers who are looking to make this their career. Lanae was more than willing to do the interview, in her own words she said, “Sounds great! I love the idea — we definitely need more positive reinforcements!” She is truly a sweetheart filled with ambition and strength.

In this interview you will read about Lanae’s fears, her history, her inspirations, her struggles, and her future plans.