Our Slack community is filled with talented designers and technologists, and that’s where I first met Amélie Lamont. Amélie is a product designer in New York City who is one-third of the team behind Good for PoC, a directory of tech companies which are inclusive and safe for people of color.

Our conversation began with Amélie talking about the inspiration behind Good for PoC, and how the site has been received by the community. From there we talked about “Not a Black Chair”, her account of discrimination, sexism and racism at Squarespace. We also discussed Amélie’s past work as a certified health and wellness coach, and she shared what she does for self care, what attracts her to mentorship, and how she’s pursuing her career goal of being a design anthropologist. I love that Amélie is so outspoken, so I hope her work inspires you to speak up as well!


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