We’ve all had those moments when business gets slow. You may be exhausted after a flood of clients, but you know you have to network your butt off to get more clients to meet your monthly quota. We’ve all been there.

Recently, I created a training course and turned away new projects as I got closer to my launch date. It was a big mistake because that project didn’t make as much money as I would have liked. After the launch, I had to come up with a game plan.

If there’s one thing I can take away from my recent experience, it’s this: you have to find time to look for new projects and clients, and revisit your existing client list to make sure you have a consistent stream of income.

Let’s face it, although we do what we do because we love it, we also have to run a business…and that requires income.

Here are 15 ways to generate income when business is slow so you can get out of that slump.