A common theme on Revision Path is that there’s no set path to being a part of the design industry. Will Miner, the senior director of UX at the education company 2U, is a prime example of this. As technology helps level the playing field for a number of different areas of study, professionals like Will help make sure that experience is simple and user-friendly.

We started off talking about Will’s work at 2U, including building and leading teams while keeping diversity and accessibility in mind. He also shared how he first got into design via plant science, why he decided getting an MBA would help further his design career, and even shared news about his next big move. Will is a prime example that there are lots of ways to succeed in this field!

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When Asia and I spoke before recording, she told me that one thing she wanted people to take away from our talk was that it doesn’t matter what your path is, there’s a way into technology. I think that’s super important for people to hear, especially when there’s so much talk about college programs, hackathons, and the like. There’s more than one way to be a part of this industry, and Asia’s story definitely illustrates that.

We started off talking about the work she’s currently doing as a product designer at 2U, including learning how she approaches new projects and the tools she uses. From there, we talked about how she got into design, how her college experiences shaped her, and her love for mentoring and volunteering. We also spend some time going into game design and Asia shared the game she’s most interested in and the one she most wants to design. Thank you Asia for such a thoughtful interview!


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