Revision Path Included As Part of the Beyond Change Research Summit

March 8, 2018

Revision Path has been included as part of “Beyond Change: Questioning the Role of Design in Times of Global Transformation”, a research summit taking place March 8-10 in Basel, Switzerland.

Here’s more information about the purpose of the summit.

Current discourse in design research, art, cultural studies, media studies, philosophy, and the social sciences is dominated by the much-debated concept of the “Anthropocene,” which claims that we are entering a new geological age determined primarily by the effects of human activity on the planet. It has been used to increase awareness of the negative influence of our actions on climate and the environment, and thus on the terms and conditions of our long-term survival. Against the backdrop of ongoing catastrophe and normalised crisis, the image of designers as problem-solvers and shapers of material-visual culture is constantly evoked. Designers are expected to come to the rescue and to draft speculative scenarios, construct artificial worlds, and develop smart solutions. In short: design is wielded as a catalyst for global change.

But isn’t this image of the designer as an omnipotent problem-solver itself problematic? What if design is not the solution, but very much complicit in the problems it wants to solve? At this point, we feel compelled to ask: How can design truly contribute to a more just society and sustainable forms of living without compromising bottom-up initiatives and marginalising the voices of those who are most directly affected?

Our conviction is: Design cannot change anything before it changes itself. The conference “Beyond Change: Questioning the role of design in times of global transformation” is a critical response to the tendency of seeing global crisis first and foremost as a worldwide design competition. How can we reimagine design as an unbounded, queer, and unfinished practice that approaches the world from within instead of claiming an elevated position? How, for once, can we see design as a situated practice instead of turning it into the Global North’s escape and problem-solving strategy? How can we think about one world without falling into planetary-scale thinking and the idea that resilience is our only hope?

The research summit will last for three days, and consists of four workshops, seven keynotes, eighteen sessions, twenty-five moderated discussion, fifty-one presentations, and a film and audio-walk.

Revision Path is included as part of the Building Platforms Directory, an open and growing compilation of initiatives that seek to expose the social, political, and environmental impact of design, revealing its complicity in creating, perpetuating, or intensifying problems, with the ultimate aim of formulating new strategies to overcome these challenges. We’re included with dozens of national and international platforms, including the Design Justice Network, Materia Brasil, and Women of Graphic Design.

Revision Path is the only podcast which is part of this directory, as well as one of eight platforms located in the United States, and the only platform in the Southeastern United States.

Thanks to Julia Sommerfeld, the Beyond Change team, and the Swiss Design Network for including Revision Path!

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