Dana James Mwangi

Dana James Mwangi has really helped put Memphis, TN on the map when it comes to design and the creative community. As a web and branding consultant, Dana helps companies and creative entrepreneurs reach the next level of their business through her agency, Cheers Creative. But as you’ll hear in our interview, Dana is all about striving for excellence while also knowing your value and taking care of yourself.

We talked about how she started Cheers Creative, and walked me through her process for beginning new projects. She also shared some great tips for entrepreneurs on pricing and business, including how she’s kept business booming through the pandemic. Dana also reflected on her early career, spoke on how she built up her confidence as a businesswoman, and spoke on what she wants to do in the next five years. Dana James Mwangi — remember that name, because you’ll definitely hear more about her in the future!