Kojo Boateng

It’s Revision Path’s 350th episode, and for this special, historic occasion, I’m honored to talk with Kojo Boateng. You might remember our 2016 interview with Kojo (episode 125!), and we get into everything that’s changed in his world since then.

We started off talking about the transition period in his life that led him to move to the United States, and Kojo goes into his current work as a creative director for PBS News Hour. He also shared some of the community work he’s doing in the DC design scene, including creating safe spaces for Black designers to fellowship and network. Kojo also spoke about the effect hip hop has had on his design work, and talked about how he’s staying motivated and inspired during these current times.

Thanks to all of you for helping us get to this huge milestone!


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It’s our 125th episode, and I’m delighted to bring you this conversation with Kojo Boateng. Kojo’s a multidisciplinary designer with a background in graphic design and motion graphics probably most well-known for his tenure as design director for the award-winning ITV News in the United Kingdom.

We started off recapping his work for ITV News, and Kojo shared what makes great graphics for television and how color influences the news. From there, he shared what he’s focusing on now along with some of the people who have inspired him. It’s a really great opportunity to speak to someone who is a great designer and a great person as well. Enjoy!


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