Revision Path’s New Direction

August 1, 2016

Since Revision Path started in 2013, our focus has been on spotlighting and showcasing Black designers and developers all over the world. But somewhere along the way, we started leaning more and more towards technology.

So starting today, we’re shifting that focus back towards design.

Like waaaay more towards design.

The reason for this is pretty simple — there is a glaring lack of media about Black designers, about design from a Black perspective, and a dearth of Black design voices.

You see…Revision Path is often miscategorized as a “diversity in tech” or “Blacks in tech” platform. Are our  guests Black? Yes. Are some of them in tech? Sure. Is diversity in tech discussed on the show and on our blog? Absolutely (especially given how design and technology are linked in the market today). Conversations about diversity in tech are everywhere these days, and quite frankly, it’s draining as fuck. By comparison, conversations around diversity in design are either minimized or drowned out completely. By putting our focus back on design, that allows Revision Path to have a stronger and clearer voice in the design community.

So what does this new direction mean for the podcast? We’ll start featuring more artists, illustrators, animators, painters — creatives like that. We’ll still have some product, web, and graphic designers. And every now and then, we’ll have a web developer or maybe a game designer in the mix. But we’re no longer going to interview software engineers, data scientists, or other types of tech careers that do not fall into the realm of design. This goes for the blog too — we’re straying away from tech topics and tech entrepreneurship and focusing more on design, designers, and the issues and topics that concern them.

I hope you will continue to support Revision Path as we make this shift in content.

What are your thoughts on this new direction? Sound off in the comments!

Photo CC BY-NC, Stephanie, cropped.

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