Drink some water before recording.

This will keep your vocal chords from getting too dry.

Focus on the interview.

If you’re talking and typing, browsing the web, eating, etc., it will throw off the flow of the conversation. Try to stay in the moment.

Don’t try to self-edit while talking.

We’ll take out as many “umms” and “ahhs” as we can to make sure you sound good, but we also want to make sure you don’t sound too robotic or manufactured.

Try to keep the profanity to a minimum.

You can curse, but keep in mind that this is an interview about you and your career. If cursing is part of your brand — cool. We’re all adults here. But we also have a lot of students who listen to the show, so we try to keep episodes as clean as possible.

Assume that everything you say will be released in the final episode.

We’ll edit out what we can for coherence, but we don’t edit for time or content. The longer it takes us to edit, the longer it takes to release the interview.
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