Full Stack Engineer

October 8, 2018

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We are looking for an generalist with at least three years of real-world experience who can create whole products and features from beginning to end, all the way from the server to the client. You don’t have to be an expert in all areas but should be very strong in at least one and competent in the rest. You might fix a bug in our stylesheet one day and improve our continuous deployment build pipeline the next. You need to be able to build a piece of the system on your own after the spec has been hashed out, but not afraid to ask for help when you need input or another set of eyeballs to track down a bug.

We’re looking for people with:

  • Ability to work together in a team setting where we’re all focused on making the code as good as possible. Individuals don’t own parts of the system – anyone can contribute anywhere that they see a need for it.
  • Excitement about learning new things and working with bleeding edge technologies. One of the challenges we face is figuring out how to make slightly broken libraries work reliably.
  • HTML/CSS/JS – You don’t need to have designer-level skills, but you need to know your way around the browser and common APIs.
  • Strong programming skills in at least one programming language. We don’t really care which one.

Expert-level skills in at least one of the following, and experience with the rest:

  • Node.js
  • *nix command line tools and scripting
  • Writing high-performance server code handling many concurrent users
  • Containerization and software as a service
  • Implementing and debugging code in a highly concurrent environment

We’d be particularly delighted to hire someone with:

  • Experience scaling an application to handle millions of users
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud providers
  • Deep knowledge of Git – not just being a power-user, but an understanding of what’s happening under the covers
  • Design and UI/UX skills

Most importantly, we’re looking for:

  • Someone who can adapt, be flexible and learn new technologies quickly. We’re moving quickly and have no intention of slowing down!

This position is based at HQ or remote. While our office is in New York City, about half of our employees are all over the US and the world. If you work at HQ, you’ll be in a brand new office, carefully and thoughtfully designed to give each person both private and collaborative work spaces. You’ll be part of a remote work culture where all of our meetings are online and apps and tools like Slack and Google Hangouts are the normal way to communicate. Remote workers never end up struggling to hear a meeting where everybody in the office forgot that someone was on the other end of a speakerphone.

We offer fair, competitive, and transparent pay. The range for this position is $94K to $115K and we look at factors like your experience to determine our offer, which comes with a comprehensive benefits package. We don’t negotiate because we make our best possible offer up front—no games.

To apply for this job please visit jobs.lever.co.