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It’s frustrating to be asked to work for free when you have bills to pay. There were times early in my career when people would ask me to contribute my skills to “a great opportunity”…but for no money. It took time to learn to navigate these situations, and I’ll share some ways to handle these requests.
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We’re coming up on our 200th episode this month, and we want you to be a part of it!

What do you love about Revision Path? How has the podcast helped you or inspired you? What’s your favorite interview?

Send us your comments about the show by July 15, and they will be featured during our 200th episode which airs July 17.

Send us your comments for our 200th episode!

(You can send text or audio, but please keep your audio under one minute in length.)

Thanks to all of you who have joined and participated in our Slack community! There have been some fascinating conversations going on there, and we had a really nice AMA series last year that introduced top experts in law, entrepreneurship, and design to our growing audience.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our Slack community, we’re instituting a few changes.

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Umber Magazine

Umber is a new design magazine that explores the perspective of creatives and people of color. Mike Nicholls is a creative director, designer and illustrator in Oakland, California, and he has a Kickstarter campaign to support printing and distribution of the first issue. We met last week to talk about the magazine and how it can give voice to people that don’t fit into one particular box.
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Vectors is a half-day event during AIGA’s Design Week that explores identity in design and how it impacts work, communities, and the world at large.

Some of the most innovative minds in the design industry will discuss the interwoven characteristics of creative work and daily life. You’ll hear from Pablo Stanley, Robyn Kanner, Cathy Lo, and many others, including past Revision Path guests Chikezie Ejiasi and Jacinda Walker!

At Vectors, you will connect with designers from different backgrounds who will share how they have used their perspective as a superpower. In turn, you will leave the event inspired to leverage what is uniquely you.

Vectors will take place at Stripe HQ in San Francisco on June 15th. Tickets are $20 for general admission and free for students. Space is limited so, visit and register today!

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